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Factory Price Tank Dish Head For Boiler


Factory Price Tank Dish Head For Boiler

Shandong precision metal company can produce all types of dished ends heads. They can be manufactured from a number of steel types including pressure vessel and boiler quality, chrome moly and stainless steel. The company also offers 2:1 semi ellipsodial, hemispherical petals, torispherical ends as well as conical knuckled sections.

Our company is a specialized manufacturer of tank head. With over 15 years of engineered driven expertise, it is a recognized leader within the tank head industry in china.With unique head forming, fabrication and heat treating capabilities, we offer a diversified range of products.

Head diameters is from 3.5" to 393.7'', and Head thickness is from 0.078" to 11.8''. Pressure vessel heads and tank ends are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and material specifications.

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Product Specification:

 Grade   Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Titanium, etc.
 According to customers requirement
 Color  Natural
 Reduction ratio  About 10%
 Certificate  ISO9001, CE, ASME, CSA, SGS
 Size range   50mm-10000mm with integral formed, larger sizes with subsection formed   can be specified
 Thickness  2mm- 300mm
 Surface Treatment  Sand blasting, pickling, polishing
 Technology  Hot pressing, cold pressing
 Test  UT, RT, MT, PT, ET
 Applications  Mainly for pressure vessels and boilers in diverse industry such as oil,   chemical, winery,   pharmaceutical, environmental and military.

Our torispherical head can be customized according to customer's requirements

We can provide the following aspects:

1. Help customer to design, making drawing;
2. Providing free samples+ dimension inspection report+ material report;
3. Checking raw material, and inform customer before mass production;
4. Informing customer production schedule weekly;

5. Arrange shipment, and Inform customer in advance 7 days before finishing the order;
6. Before shipment, send the detailed product pictures, dimension inspection report, material report to customer;
7. Welcome customer inspection and the third party inspection;
8. Expressing original document;

9. Contact us for more information.     

For More details please feel free to contact us!

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